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Nick Russian

Lord Mayor Candidate
Nick Russian is one of Melbourne’s most respected hospitality and entertainment entrepeuneurs, and is the only mayoral candidate with a business in the Melbourne CBD. He understands and relates to what Melburnians are going through in these challenging, and in many ways, sad times in the world’s most liveable city.
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Michael Burge OAM

Deputy Lord Mayor Candidate
I am optimistic, dedicated and passionate about the City of Melbourne and I believe that I have the leadership capacity to repay your trust, if elected as Deputy Lord Mayor of Melbourne. I care about improving the health, wellbeing, safety, heritage, and prosperity of the diverse Melbourne Community. I care about Business, Residence, and Students.
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Philip Le Liu

Cr Philip Le Liu is a current councillor on the Melbourne City council and a local resident within Hoddle grid for 6+ years. During council, he has voted and advocated for more financial support for local businesses, giving residents more say in their rates and supported students during the lockdown. He also voted firmly against having an injecting room in the city (regardless where it is) and a pill testing trail in the city.
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Serena Lu Jiang

As an entrepreneur and community leader with extensive experience across hospitality, export trading, brand marketing and the not-for-profit sectors, Serena Jiang is eager to bring young female leadership to the city council and make Melbourne a safe, smart and sustainable city.
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Darin Schade

2020 has been a challenge for everyone, including our City of Melbourne. How we recover from the Covid crisis will shape the area for years to come. We need to seize this opportunity to rebuild our city into a stronger, more resilient, and more inclusive community then ever before, focussing on the needs of our key constituents: businesses, residents and students.
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Lauren Sherson

We all know the situation Melburnians are in. Practical recovery action is needed by the City of Melbourne and its Councillors. I understand our lives and livelihoods cannot wait. I’ve created a plan and been doing practical things to give Melburnians back their independence, culture and optimism.