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Darin Schade

2020 has been a challenge for everyone, including our City of Melbourne.  How we recover from the Covid crisis will shape the area for years to come.  We need to seize this opportunity to rebuild our city into a stronger, more resilient, and more inclusive community then ever before, focussing on the needs of our key constituents: businesses, residents and students.

Business recovery needs to be actively supported by council, as we attract customers back to the area and ensure that we regain our vibrant and cosmopolitan city centre.  We need to listen to our residents, to ensure that we understand how their needs have changed during the disruptions of 2020 and how Council can adapt their services accordingly.  And we have to ensure that we are supporting the students, both local and international, that contribute so much to the economy and culture of the City of Melbourne.  It is time to restart Melbourne’s heart.

My corporate career has prepared me for negotiating the bureaucracy of local government.  But it is the years I have spent operating my own small businesses in the Melbourne CBD that help me understand the needs of residents and other business owners in the area and the challenges they face.  I am now seeking the opportunity to apply theses skills and experience as a councillor for Melbourne, serving the municipality where I have lived for 30 years.