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Lauren Sherson

Healthy Minds. Healthy Business. 

– Bringing a practical plan to rejuvenate Melbourne. 

We all know the situation Melburnians are in. Practical recovery action is needed by the City of Melbourne and its Councillors. I understand our lives and livelihoods cannot wait. I’ve created a plan and been doing practical things to give Melburnians back their independence, culture and optimism. 
I have fought hard for our Artists to get paid gigs and founded Drive-in Gigs to bring a Covid-safe live entertainment precinct for all Melburnians. A rock concert in your car; safe and healthy. 
I champion restaurant owners’ rights to trade and founded Local Restaurant to keep profits local, providing safe venues and crucially an innovative meal-raising platform for local charities to provide complimentary hot meals to the needy. 
I built Local Speakers, a digital platform that connects event organisers with residents and businesses to share intel between communities. 
Supporting parents who are home-schooling their children by providing parents with e-books entitled Backyard Business: How Kids Make Cash. The e-book helps parents engage with their children by offering entrepreneurial life skills, preparing them for an unknown future. 
All my ventures are designed to increase social connectedness and drive local business activity. 
Growing up in public housing cemented my commitment to mental health and entrepreneurial pursuits. I believe in freedom, opportunity and social connectedness. I completed a Master of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, lectured at University for a decade and started and sold businesses since I was 8. Currently completing a Graduate Diploma in Psychology at Melbourne University whilst also on the Board of Self Employed Australia.

Six point plan for healthy minds

Mental health information booth in Bourke Street Mall

  • Accessible
  • Approachable
  • Human to human

Mental health first aid training courses

Skilling community leaders and members on recognising and responding to a mental health crisis

Monthly Town Hall Public Presentations on mental health

  • Issue based experts
  • Q&A
  • Conversation corners

The Voice of the Optimists – City of Melbourne video campaign

  • Showcasing our city’s strength
  • Empowering positive action
  • Fostering community spirit

Multicultural mental health plan

  • Culturally sensitive
  • Language specific
  • Localised support

Council led regular notices monitoring mental health

  • Self assessments
  • Mental first aid tips
  • Community events

Six point plan for healthy business

Melbourne City Council

Immediate revaluation of City of Melbourne assets

  • Administrative asset review
  • Post Covid-19 valuations
  • Offloading and restructuring cash draining assets
  • Re-invest for future value

Protecting our children’s future

20,000 Melbourne kids in business: an entrepreneurship program for 9-17 year olds that prepares our children for the future, now. 

Exit pathways through business innovation

Establishing an Innovation call out for exit pathways. 80% of economic growth is attributed to innovation. Local Government led initiative to list innovations sought by large firms, so entrepreneurial business owners can solve real problems and have real exits in sight.


Calling upon the Victorian State Government to provide 500,000 Melbourne City restaurant meals to Victorian Singles who have been isolated, while ‘couples’ have been granted permission for togetherness.

  • Social connectedness
  • Restaurant revenue
  • Cultural rejuvenation and local tourism

Tax relief

Calling upon the Federal Government to suspend Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) on meals and entertainment.

Arts, entertainment and tourism

Generating paid gigs that lead to social connectedness plus suburb to the city initiatives for individuals and groups.

  • Commission street art. Melbourne has new stories to tell.
  • Paid gigs for artists on trams. Live entertainment to the city for artist revival.
  • Paid gigs for artists on bike paths to Melbourne.