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Michael Burge OAM

I am optimistic, dedicated and passionate about the City of Melbourne and I believe that I have the leadership capacity to repay your trust, if elected as Deputy Lord Mayor of Melbourne.  I care about improving the health, wellbeing, safety, heritage, and prosperity of the diverse Melbourne Community. I care about Business, Residents, and Students.

As a health professional with of over 30 years’ experience of attending to the mental health needs of the people of Melbourne through individual treatment, community development and Government policy research.  I have a proven record of caring for the community no matter what their aspiration or position in society.  I know what needs to be done to revitalize Melbourne especially coming out and recovering from Covid.  My capacity to respond to the community mental health needs has been acknowledged through honors received by the order of Australia award 2010, receiving an OAM 2010.

The strength of my leadership is integral to my ability to generate optimism and communication, which include bringing people together for discussion and debate. With proven previous leadership roles my leadership style is shaped by listening to points of view, with an emphasis on appreciating inspirational perspectives and challenges.

My background, and personal expertise within the boardroom, running businesses, and companies, with medical-legal and intellectual property laws, with the defense force and protective services, in teaching, lecturing, budget management, including supervisory and industry mentor roles; and my experience on radio and television and other media, politics, and with occupational health and safety, provide me with an extensive skills base knowledge of how to work within these realms and how these systems operate together to support the people of Melbourne.

If elected Deputy Lord Mayor of Melbourne, I promise to repay your trust.

“It is my great pleasure to endorse Michael Burge for the public position of Deputy Lord Mayor of Melbourne. For more than 25 years, I have been referring patients to Michael from my practice in Melbourne’s Central Business District and he has been helping them identify their strengths and heal their wounds. Even when fully back on track, many would choose to continue seeing Michael, as he’d helped coach them to higher levels in other areas of life and in their professional endeavours. Michael demonstrates insight, versatility and empathy in every engagement and it is these qualities that Michael will bring to this position. He knows how to bring out the best in people and in all of Michael’s leadership roles, he has left the organisation in an improved state. Knowing that Michael will be helping to lead the city of Melbourne and its residents through this most challenging period, fills me with optimism for our future.”
National Coordinator, Australian Federation of Medical Women
President, Victorian Medical Women’s Society
Scientific and Research co-Chair, Medical Women’s International Association
“All the best Michael, in your candidacy for Deputy Lord Mayor of Melbourne. Your Honestly and Integrity will be a great asset for Melbourne. ”
Con Economou
Consultant Psychologist Carlton