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Nick Russian

Nick Russian is one of Melbourne’s most respected hospitality and entertainment entrepreneurs, and is the only mayoral candidate with a business in the Melbourne CBD.

He understands and relates to what Melburnians are going through in these challenging, and in many ways, sad times in the world’s most liveable city.

Born to an Italian family, Nick with his wife Roza , have worked hard to build multiple businesses in Melbourne to provide for their future and their two children Willow and Kingston.

Like many other business owners in the City, Nick’s current business has been decimated by the draconian laws on retail and hospitality and he no longer will sit still and complain from the sidelines. He wants to stand up, be counted and act on behalf of all business operators.

Nick’s main focus is to bring Melbourne back to life.

His first priorities when elected will be immediate and wider financial support for businesses to get back on their feet, including widening the grants so more areas and businesses benefit, a new financial model to assist with employment and the establishment of a taskforce with industry leaders across major events, hospitality, music, theatre and the arts to implement immediate changes.

Right now, Nick will focus on the urgent recovery measures with more policies to be unveiled in the lead up to this important election for the future of the city. Post that, it will be about repair and revival so that our once great city will be the envy of not only the rest of Australia, but cities around the world.

Nick is a born leader having run businesses with hundreds of staff, and of course, customers. He is a servant of the people – such an important quality to be Lord Mayor of Melbourne.

While his hospitality businesses in the CBD have been crippled, and thinking like all successful business people do during difficult times like COVID-19, Nick and his brother Daniel have created a cleaning business that helps prevent surface-to-human transmission of infection by spraying offices and venues with a protective agent. This will no doubt be crucial for the entire city as we slowly get back on our feet.

Nick Russian is a business man, a family man and a visionary. He is the man Melbourne needs in 2020 and beyond.