Backing Businesses, Jobs and Reducing Cost of Living

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Up to $100 million to retain and attract events, businesses, and jobs to City of Melbourne. In our first 100 days, we will create a plan for 10,000 jobs and aim for 50,000 by 2024. We will also slash the cost to business by reducing all council business fees for 50% until FY21/22 and all other fees between 10-30%.

Council to encourage and support businesses to focus more on the Night-time Economy throughout Spring and Summer with respect to residents.

Explore setting up two “Economic Activation Zones” (similar to free trade zones) with 50% rate discounts across the city.  

A new program where a dedicated “Re-Opening Assistant” will help businesses create a plan and take care of the bureaucracy of reopening. “Re-Opening Assistant” will be multilanguage with 1 to 5 business ratios. Council will also fund temperature guns, weekly masks, sanitizers, and other costs to bring business back.

A big campaign to ask current businesses with over 1000 employees working in the CBD to commit sending employee back to city in exchange for council benefits, marketing and support. This includes sponsoring more performances in Parks and Gardens across CBD for returning business workers and visitors.

$1000 on-street parking credit for retail and hospitality shops in city and CoM owned carparks. 10 min grace period for overparking and 1 “free pass” for each vehicle per year. 50% reduction in parking fees for 2 years and stop removal of car parks outside Hoddle Grid.

Position Melbourne as the “Most Liveable City in the world” again and aim for “No.1 Student City in the world”