Caring for People and More Say for Residents

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No rate increase for the next 4 years. No penalties for late payment and an extra 30% discount for those who pay on time. In addition, a new “Your Rates, Your Choice” program where when residents can have the option of choosing where 50% of your rates can be invested and used.

A $300 digital “Thank you Voucher” for residents that can only be spent with participating small businesses within the City and a “Get to know your city” lesson funded by council to learn about the history of Melbourne.

Urgent action to tackle mental health issues through a massive outreach program across Melbourne with a dedicated taskforce. Free mental health care packages and sessions online for all residents and students. 

Aim to reduce homelessness to less than 25 by 2025. Setup mobile shelters for Homeless across hotspots in City and curated individual support/pathway to get off the streets and into employment.  

Council to create a program where businesses or resident groups can list their issues and problems for students to solve. All students within CoM can participate and form groups with mentoring from business leaders.

More investment and funding for resident and community groups to connect online through a new digital online platform, this platform will also allow residents to ask for key information they want from their council.

Advocate Federal Government to allow international students to return to Melbourne and create 500 internship positions for students studying and living within City of Melbourne.