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Create an international competition to beautify and clean the Yarra with innovative ideas and suggestions which all of Melbourne can vote on. Activate all parts of the Yarra River with a focus on entertainment and food.

A public master disruption maintenance schedule to notify and alert the public about telecommunication work, water fix, utility upgrade, and direct contact for complaint.

Conduct feasibility and productivity studies on various height alert warning systems for truck drivers in bridge collision hotspots.

Work with State Government on planning scheme amendments to facilitate disruptions such as air taxi access to the city in an appropriate location as part of an integrated strategy across all areas of council.

Comply developers and construction sites to monthly cleaning of surroundings instead of after completion. In addition, council to manage hoarding signs within Hoddle Grid for business and events marketing.

Prioritise and relax the change of use for new affordable housing.

Advocate for change to planning rules to reduce land banking (such as cancer council buildings) inside Hoddle grid.